SLIDERemember those early summer rises when you had a whole hour in the morning to just focus on your hair? When your options were varied… straight, curled or braided! Well, with September comes change, it’s getting cold and daytime is limited but your hair choices should never be. Here are my recommendations of the 5 must have products for the morning rush, guaranteed to make your morning routine easier and faster so you can be on time whenever and wherever.

1. The Tangle Teezer
Of course it has to be the holy frail product of every hair fanatic: the Tangle Teezer. 10796069-1384791983-84495471PvcjQ347L._SL1500_The truly innovative design of the ‘Tangle Teezer’ provides a quick and easy solution in the mornings to get rid of your tangled bed hair. The rounded shape of this product makes it comfortable to grip onto as it gets rid of those stubborn knots, without any tugging or pulling from your side.

2. Aussie Miracle Recharge leave in conditioner
Aussie are renowned for their quality hair products and that is just what your hair needs after weeks of heat being applied to it. gejao15wyojThe fact that this acts as heat repair as well as a conditioner makes it just that much easier to use in the mornings. This leave in conditioner is a must have because of the form of the product-It’s a Spray! What’s easier than a little spritz in the morning time when you really have no time to bother yourself with ‘lathering and massaging’.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo
Not everyone has the time to wash their hair every day in the mornings or even the night before, so a quick dry shampoo is your saviours fix. Dry ShampooBatiste Dry shampoo provides a perfect formula which will eliminate the oil from hair without leaving it sticky or powdery. When your hair hasn’t been washed for a day or two and is starting to look a little oily at the roots, just lift the crown area of your hair and spray.

4. Moroccan Sea Salt Spray
On those days when your hair lies flat and you have no time to re wash and blow dry it but still need the volume a sea salt spray comes in handy. 71PvcjQ347L._SL1500_1If your hair is clean or even a little oily a sea salt spray works wonders when it comes to giving you volume. To get an effortless ‘messy hair’ look just aim at the roots and spray. This spray will give your hair enough texture for you to be able to style it easily in the morning.

5. SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume
On those gloomy days when a nice scent will go a long way, SACHAJUAN’s Hair perfume is perfect. SachaMaking your hair smell divine while protecting it, this product goes the extra mile for us. The fact that it comes in a spray makes it quick and easy to use. A quick spray just before heading out will keep your hair smelling fresh until the end of a long day.