s6I absolutely adore Soft & Precious Detangling Moisturizing Spray, it is the key product to providing the best care for your babies hair. It’s a leave-in spray conditioner, infused with Olive Oil and Lavender, that helps to get rid of nasty and unwanted tangles. Adding moisture and shine to your child’s delicate locks. It moisturises and conditions dry hair, leaving it easy to comb, soft, manageable, and looking beautiful!

Soft and precious newWhen my daughter was first-born she had severe and persistent cradle cap, the type that not even the cradle cap solution prescribed by the doctor would clear up. I tried many other products over the counter, as well as natural remedies. I even used baby oil, but it was to no avail, and the baby oil just made her hair look thick and full of grease.

I was at my wit’s end, and getting quite worried about my daughter, when I discovered Soft & Precious. My daughter was past the age in which cradle cap could be considered a thing babies sometimes have. So when a friend of mine, who often uses such hair treatments herself, suggested that I try something that is specifically made for children with Afro-Caribbean hair – I agreed! Especially as my daughter is mixed race.2

Unsure of what to try, I went to a local store that specialises in such products, and they recommended Soft & Precious Detangling Moisturizer too. The first time I used it on my daughter’s hair, I was really impressed by how light it was, giving her hair a smooth and sleek texture without any of the oily residue. The smell was absolutely gorgeous, which resulted in many compliments and comments on the beautiful scent of her hair (this still happens, and we have been using the product for over 4 years now!).

After about a week or so, I noticed that not only was Soft & Precious Detangling Moisturizer leaving my daughter’s hair in a fantastic condition, it had also improved the condition of her scalp, with visible improvements to the thick, flaky section of cradle cap which now looked almost gone. Another couple of days later, and it had completely cleared up! 1

Four years on, I still use Soft & Precious Detangling Moisturizer every morning. Spraying it on to my daughter’s hair before I brush and style it for her, as it is great for getting out any tangles, and making brushing her thick hair so much easier. I also still love the fragrance of the product, and feel it makes her beautiful long hair smell great all day long. I would not use any other detangling conditioner on her hair, and I know she wouldn’t want me to either, as she always requests her “beautiful, gorgeous spray” as she calls it, each time I brush her hair.

I have even been known to use it on my own hair too, if I need a quick pick me up between washes, or if I am going out some where nice. It is definitely a must have for any mom whose children have dry hair and scalps, or for those with long, hard to manage, and easily knotted hair.