The world’s favourite soft drink is already well known for its signature taste, and iconic contour bottle that is both approachable, and kind of feminine. However, during an interview with US Weekly, Supermodel turned actress Suki Waterhouse revealed the secret behind her perfectly tousled locks, and it was washing her hair with Coca-Cola! She says it gives her hair the perfect amount of volume and texture. Can Coca-Cola be a hair product?

Coca-Cola SlideSometimes you need to have a non-celebrity verify myths, otherwise it can feel a little unreal you know! So let me begin by answering the questions people would normally ask before using a different treatment.

Will this damage my hair, and of course will it even work?
Well… apparently if you wash your hair in Coca-Cola you should have amazing curls fit for a catwalk model, but I very much doubt that catwalk models only wash their hair with Coca-Cola and then hit the catwalk. They most likely have a number of stylists and products (this may include Coca-Cola) that will be used to create the style of the moment. So don’t think that you will have hair as perfect as theirs after this treatment.

Having said that, it shouldn’t damage your hair provided you had healthy hair to begin with, and the procedure is not carried out often. One of the ingredients in Coca-Cola is phosphoric acid, and this is what causes the change in the character of your hair. The low pH makes hair tighten with all the molecules in your hair pulling together and pushing out air and moisture. The pressure of the molecules tightening makes your hair curl, but with a few short-term consequences like dryness.

So Yes, the Coca-Cola treatment does work, and not only have I tried it but I have tested this treatment on a few different hair types to see how they all react. First of all, my hair reacted as expected, it curled. However, as a result, my hair felt very dry compared to usual. I generally have dry hair, see my post on this here, so this didn’t help very much. For those who have to brush their hair regularly, I would not recommend this treatment as I found my hair a lot more knotted. A friend of mine with naturally sleek hair said her hair didn’t seem as knotted as mine, but did feel dryer than normal. Another friend of mine with slightly wavy hair said that this treatment didn’t work very well for her. She stated that her hair seemed frizzy and more like she had just woken up rather than fit for a catwalk. All those who tested under my supervision said that the Coca-Cola needed to be warmer, so I would suggest that you leave the Coca-Cola at room temperature for at least 24 hours before hand.

Overall I think that this treatment, may be a fad, but it definitely produces quick results. By the look of things, it works best for naturally sleek or curly hair, however I would not recommend using it if you have wavy hair. Also be warned that the aftermath of this treatment results in dry, very easily knotty hair. You should wash your hair thoroughly after a day of use so as not to experience itching of the scalp or stickyness.