SONY DSCBefore you spend heaps on chemical-laden products to fix your hair, your first port of call should be your kitchen, whatever the challenge – there is an easy treatment recipe for it. Think about what your hair currently needs (is it suffering from frizz, dryness, dullness etc.) and then make a list of simple fridge goods (which I will supply you with right here!) and save your hair (and your pennies!) naturally.

Dull, lifeless hair in need of shine 
Environmental stressors can leave your hair looking a little sorry for itself. The debris from the air can dry hair out and dull its sheen. Thankfully, products containing lactic acid, like dairy produce, and fatty acids found in oils like coconuts and avocados, can help bring it back to life and bursting with vitality.

yogurt in white ceramic bowl with spoon

Treatment recipe: Make up half a cup of plain yogurt, and apply it to clean, damp hair. Allow the mixture to rest for 20 minutes and then rinse and shampoo.
Frequency of use: Every other week should be sufficient.

Other recipes include those that are oil based. Use essential oils, like olive, coconut and lavender oils and massage into the hair to moisturise and improve blood circulation.

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Avocados and coconut blends are great at saving hair from dryness too. Microwave a tablespoon of coconut oil for 10 seconds and massage into the roots to the ends. Take half of an avocado and mash it, and apply this to the ends of your hair only. Allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes and then rinse and shampoo as normal.

Fine, flat hair in need of a boost
If you’re living with a guy, you might be able to find a beverage or two of beers in the fridge. Hopefully, he won’t miss one, because you’re going to use it on your hair. I know, it sounds bonkers, but the yeast in beer is a nice hair plumper. So fill your “roots”!


Treatment recipe: Get yourself some flat beer (Pour half a cup into a container and leave it out until its carbonation has gone) mix it with a tsp of light oil, such as sunflower, and a raw egg. Allow the mixture to rest on damp, clean hair for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cool water and shampoo as normal.
Frequency of use: Every other week should keep hair happy.

You can also add beer to a spray bottle, as once it’s gone the flat the remaining proteins in the residue with continue to strengthen the hair.

Itchy, flaky scalp in need of fighting
Many factors can cause flakiness, such as a poor diet (see my healthy hair from healthy food article for help on this) stress and environment. To help shed this issue, try a mixture with properties that moisturise the scalp (to prevent the flakes from coming back) and something acidic to remove the current flakes in the hair.

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Treatment recipe: Mix two tbsp. each of lemon juice, olive oil and water and massage this blend into a damp scalp. Allow the blend to rest for 20 minutes before you rinse it off and shampoo.
Frequency of use: This treatment should be done every other week.

Another staple item to use on flaky hair is egg yolk. See the section below “For all hair types to strengthen the strands” for a how to. 

Oily, greasy hair in need of removing
Greasy hair is caused by an over-production of sebum in the scalp. This can often show more on those with fine hair textures, as people with this hair type tend to have more strands, thus, more sebaceous glands to create oil. It can also be affected by hormonal changes, and also if hair is not cleansed regularly enough. Polenta/Maize flour (finely ground cornmeal) is a cheap method to remove grease from hair.

salt shakerTreatment recipe: Egg whites. Grab yourself an empty salt or pepper shaker and pour 1 tbsp. of polenta into it. Sprinkle all of this onto dry hair and the scalp, leave to set for 10 minutes and then using a paddle hair brush, completely brush it out.
Frequency of use: Every other day.

Frizzy hair in need of smoothing
Unruly and wild frizzy hair can be hard to tame. Sometimes its cause is to do with certain products you use (whether too much, not enough or the wrong type for your hair). Sometimes it is to do with that you naturally possess curlier hair, which is more prone to frizz. Also, your styling techniques can be a cause, such as overdoing the drying. However, some luxurious natural home remedies can be concocted made from nutrient dense avocado.


Treatment recipe: Similarly to the treatment of dull, lifeless hair. Mash up half an avocado and massage it into clean, damp hair. Let it rest on your hair for 15 minutes before rinsing off. If you want extra moisture in your treatment, add an egg yolk, or 1-2 tbsp. of mayonnaise or even plain yogurt.
Frequency of use: Every two weeks.

For all hair types to strengthen the strands
Got a carton of eggs? Right, then you’re all set! These little beauties are packed with Vitamins A, D and E which help protect hair from UV rays, chlorine and pollution. Also, Vitamins A and E are helpful nutrients in preventing hair loss, and Vitamin D keeps your hair lustrous.

Eggs are also rich in protein and lecithin, which keeps the hair strong (so less prone to breakage) and moisturised. The white of the egg is rich in bacteria-eating enzymes, which helps remove unwanted oils. If you do have oily hair, make sure you only use the whites in your treatment.

For those who have dandruff issues, the sulphur in egg yolk can relieve the symptoms and maintain a healthy scalp.


Treatment recipe: Use half a cup of an egg mixture suitable for you.  Use a whole egg for normal hair. Use whites only for oily hair. Yolks only to moisturise hair that’s dry and brittle (you can also add honey and almond oil for extra nourishment) Apply the mixture to clean, damp hair. Leave it to absorb for 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water (not warm, or the eggs will “cook”) then shampoo the hair. Frequency of Use: Once a month for whole egg/yolks only treatments. Every two weeks for whites only.

Hair remedies (1)There you have it. Simple, natural and effective, all of these ingredients are easily found in many kitchens already. And if you don’t have them at home, then pop to your local supermarket for them at a much lower price than expensive processed products. That’s happy hair and a happy bank balance to match. Can’t get better than that!