Moisture Plus
Naturally drying your hair is the way forward, why blow dry your hair using a heat appliance, when you don’t have to? Well in order to dry my hair naturally, I have always applied a base product so that my hair locks in moisture, preventing it from feeling brittle. However, I recently discovered that applying Soft Sheen Carson’s Dark and Lovely (specifically the Moisture Plus Oil Moisturiser) after washing my hair, is the key to silky-straight relaxed hair

The bottle states that it provides gloss and shine by preventing dull and dry hair, and that’s exactly what it does. It’s the perfect base before I apply hair oil to my scalp, it softens my hair so I can brush with ease, tackling any knots in my hair. Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Oil Moisturiser is a thin solution containing sweet almond oil with a female friendly pink colour. The sweet smell of the product is admirable, and can be applied everyday, however one or two applications is more than enough for me until my next wash.

For a while I struggled to find a suitable moisturiser, one that didn’t clog my hair, so it was really surprising to feel convinced that I had found the right product. I began actively looking for faults to convince me otherwise, but it really does make sure my hair stays manageable, and my locks never felt more hydrated.

Unfortunately, the Dark and Lovely Shampoo didn’t work for me, my hair needs a shampoo that provides a deep cleanse for my scalp. However, I did try the Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus No-Lye Relaxer. To my absolute surprise, using both products (i.e. the No-Lye Relaxer and Moisture Plus Oil Moisturiser) produced even better results. Both products clearly go hand in hand. After relaxing my hair, the moisture gives my hair a luxurious texture and provides moisturising care. For under £5, I can get one from my local black hair shop or boots, and I am guaranteed silky and glossy hair.

A combination of letting my hair dry naturally and both Dark and Lovely products definitely gives me a softer texture. Hair dryers generally make my hair too brittle so I avoid it. However drying my hair naturally can be tedious, especially during winter, but ultimately it is worth it if my hair is smoother and flatter to straighten. I would advise anyone to naturally dry their hair, especially those with Afro-Caribbean hair.

Johnny Wright, a celebrity stylist with extensive experience, said “Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus is my choice as a professional. It’s the only relaxer I trust for silky-straight relaxed hair from root to tip. Enriched with African shea butter for superior moisture at every step”. I couldn’t agree more!