Heaven-sent-KMS-California1KMS California is a heaven send for fine, limp and lifeless hair adding volume, body and maximum lift. Having suffered from fine, limp hair all my life I decided to try the Add Volume KMS California styling foam and shampoo, now my hair is voluminous.

I was first introduced to the products at a hair salon, where I just had to buy some more after seeing the end product. The product leaves my hair with an ultra fresh feeling, yet volumised and bouncy. I found that I didn’t have to wash my hair as much as I usually do, as it kept it looking great for about two days.

To help volumise hair it is useful to backcomb it at the roots to add extra lift. Cheryl Cole is a hair icon for volumised hair and gorgeous looks. A lady once asked me in a shop how to add more volume to her hair and that she had been advised to use rollers, but this in my opinion is not needed.  A good hair product and a little backcombing with a round brush will definitely get the results you want.

Heaven sent KMS California2

A reason why darker hair types may have fine hair is because a blonde haired person will usually have more hair strands with around 140,000 strands of hair than a red haired person with about 90,000 strands of hair or darker coloured person’s hair. Also, if you suffer from greasy hair try not to touch it too much throughout the day, as this will make it worse.

Heaven sent KMS California3

To finish your look you should add a hair spray, such as High Volume VO5 weather resistant hair spray. This is great for keeping your finished look intact on a night out or a party.

Heaven sent KMS California4

KMS California’s inspiration is freedom of style and their manifesto from the KMS California website is, ‘Desire. Be desired. Be iconic. Be you… you own the rights to make it happen, after all it’s your style.’ This shows the beauty of the brand, as it encourages the user to play with different styles. The hair care product KMS California was founded in California in 1976 and grew from there to have global success. The brand even has its own magazine editions on the website, www.kmscalifornia.com

The Add Volume KMS California range is highly ranked for adding life to thin hair and making you look beautiful.