directions-semi-permanent-hair-dye-lavender-p57-3673_imageSummer was fun as usual. Many of us were thinking of perhaps going for a lighter shade, and as a matter of fact, a lot of people eventually did get amazing dye jobs done to their hair. However, whilst we spent money on our new hair colour, most of us made little mistakes everyday that collectively ruined it, and caused us to run back to the hairdressers a lot sooner than planned. Here are a few tips to get your new dye job to last longer.

Keeping your new hair colour looking more vibrant and locked-in is the single most important thing to do if you want to get the best value for your money.semi-permanent-hair-dye-sunshine-comes-with-free-tint-brush-p490-2604_zoom

1. Opt for a sulphate-free shampoo. Many of us don’t look at the ingredients list on a shampoo, however, it can be an effective way of ensuring your hair colour lasts for longer. Sulphates are added to shampoos as a cleansing property to remove dirt from your hair. However, this causes your new colour to wash out faster and the colour fades sooner than desired, meaning you need to make a return appointment to refresh your hair colour quicker. Opt for a sulphate- free shampoo, and you get more value for your money and a longer lasting hair colour

2. Use a tinted dry shampoo. Gone are the early days of dry shampoo where there was only one white powder option which left dark hair looking like it had a grey tint no matter how much you rubbed it in. Now, you can have the option of coloured dry shampoos which are perfect if you just want to touch up your roots and make your hair colour look newer. You can get dry shampoos in an array of colours which will help your hair colour last a little longer before your next hair appointment.

3. Take care when out in the sun or going for a swim. When you head out in the sun, look after your new dye job with a hat. The sun can fade colour quicker making it look dull. Adding an intensive conditioner to your hair the day before can help lock the colour in better too. The same goes for when you go swimming. Make sure you wear a swim cap or tie your hair up, as the chlorine from the pool can also dry your hair or even discolour it, meaning again that you’ll end up going back to the hair dressers faster than necessary. Protecting your hair can help to avoid this from happening.semi-permanent-hair-dye-raven-comes-with-free-tint-brush-p6154-15130_zoom