It’s a look described by Andrew John (colour director at Percy & Reed) as a “fresh, soft, modern look” which adds a twist to traditional platinum and blonde tones, and with the striking pastel looks seen at Chanel last year, it seems that the trend isn’t going anywhere for the moment.

The colours were first seen on the likes of Pixie Geldof and model Charlotte Free, with Kelly Osbourne following suit with her lilac rinse, but now it seems that pastel hues are everywhere – even Dame Helen Mirren was sporting candyfloss pink at the BAFTAs.
Kelly Osborne
If you think the look is too bold, there are many ways pastels can be incorporated into your style with ombre and balayage, but for those of you who are a lot braver, you could opt for a two-tone dip dye look. Shades range from pink/peachy shades which can subtly be added to platinum blonde, to more adventurous tones including lilac, raspberry and mint green.

There are a number of home methods for achieving pastel shades, but hair needs to be a light blonde to begin with – so bleaching is almost always necessary.

Pastel Hair Colourants

 – Féria Pastels by L’Oreal 
The semi-permanent Féria by Préférence range from L’Oreal have introduced a range of on-trend pastel shades, claiming to be fade-resistant – lasting up to six weeks.
For a girly, pastel pink like Ellie Goulding, there is shade 01 – ‘Pink Panther’ which adds a subtle tint of baby-pink to blonde hair. For Kelly Osbourne’s pastel purple look, try shade 02 ‘Lilac Lavender’, and to achieve a peachy tone to the hair, as previously sported by Katy Perry, you could try out shade 03 ‘Peach Punch’.

– Chroma Silk Pastels by Pravana 
Pravana have announced that next month they are also releasing a range of pastel semi-permanent hair colourants.
There will be five shades to choose from: ‘Luscious Lavender’, ‘Pretty in Pink’, ‘Too Cute Coral’ – and for the more adventurous of you – ‘Blissful Blue’ and ‘Mystical Mint’. (If your hair has yellowish blonde tones in it, however, to achieve a spearmint colour try the blue colourant instead.)

Diluted Hair Colourants

Another way of getting the perfect pastel shade is to use hair dye which is diluted with conditioner – which will reduce the intensity of the shade as well as keeping your hair in good condition.
Start with a bowl of good quality conditioner, mixing in the dye a bit at a time until you achieve the desired shade, then work into the hair like shampoo. With this method, you are free to mix different colours together to create the perfect colour – and there are a number of products that work particularly well.

– Live Colour XXL by Schwarzkopf
The ‘Ultra Brights’ range from Live Colour XXL work really well when diluted.
The shades include ‘Purple Punk’ which will create a lilac shade, ‘Shocking Pink’ which will fade to baby pink and ‘Raspberry Rebel’ used in the tutorial below – creating a really nice, unique shade.

– Semi Permanent Hair Colour by La Riché
For more variety when it comes to choosing your colour, try La Riché’s range – which comes in a whole range of colours from ‘Tulip’ to ‘Alpine Green’ (all of which can be mixed). The product comes in small pots, which is perfect for experimenting with different shades – so get creative!

Hair Chalks

Lastly, for a truly non-permanent way to experiment with pastels in your hair, you could always try hair chalks which leave a burst of colour in your hair until the next time you wash you hair. They are applied directly to a strand of hair, and this method works for brunettes too, who don’t want to resort to bleaching!

This is a safe, effective alternative for those of you who want to experiment with colour before using semi-permanent colourants – plus it provides fun, temporary highlights of colour for certain occasions and depending on your mood. Hair chalks can be found at the likes of Topshop and Urban Outfitters, as well as online, with colours ranging from coral to turquoise!