removing colourChanging your hair colour can be drastic. It’s one thing to go from a light to a dark colour, but doing the reverse often requires preparing for a colour change with bleach, and that can be really tricky. It is probably best to just find a good hairdresser, as bleach products from standard shops aren’t always effective, given that Peroxide and bleach are dangerous chemicals if used in the wrong way.

So how can one get this done…

Well, if you did want to do it at home, the best places to go for products are Sally’s beauty supply or Capital Hair & Beauty. Both have online stores, so you don’t need to be a hairdresser to purchase the products but you still get the same saving that hair professionals enjoy.

Why prepare for a colour change with bleach?
Simply put, when going from a darker colour to a light colour, stripping out the previous colour is a must!

I used to have black hair but now have a red/burgundy shade. When bleaching my hair, I ended up with ginger roots, ginger streaks, and the rest of my hair remained black. The black was difficult to get out. This wasn’t what I was expecting so I purchased a stripping kit from boots called colour B4 extra strength, after reading many good reviews. It turned my hair into a bright ginger but the black was gone.

In general, leading up to your appointment or the time you are going to dye your hair, you should keep away from treatments, harsh chemicals and serums. A high amount of Iron can be found in Keratin and most serum’s, so if those products are used daily, then bleaching would cause a reaction. An Iron reaction! Within minutes the hair grows hot, the bleach bubbles and can in some cases (like mine) start to steam due to the heat. Instantly it has to be washed off or it can give first degree burns.

So I can’t stress this enough, staying away from high vitamin products is safer and it will let the natural hair oils soak in, which is crucial for a colour change.

Conditioner can be used to weaken or stop the bleach from working, and can prove really useful whenever your hair is getting to hot, or also when getting highlights and bleach drips – putting on some conditioner slows it down. It’s one of the reasons why you get so many conditioning treatments in the salon. If on the day you are going to get your hair done, you forget and accidentally put conditioner in, it would be fine – just make sure it is washed out! Conditioner slows down the process and could stop it from working altogether.

Remember your hair isn’t going to go from black to platinum blonde no matter how much you are paying, there is a process and sometimes like in my case, your hair just can’t take the bleach. Three packs of bleach and a hair colour stripper kit later, and my hair was still a ginger colour mixed with dark brown, so I opted for a red dye as I didn’t want to go back to black.

When it is all done and your new hair colour is looking good, use conditioning treatments often. Remember that your hair is fragile at this stage so try and stay clear from heat for a while. Putting serums back on your hair and using a big toothed comb, or a tangle teaser, can help make your hair look nice without straining it.


John Frieda’s full repair elixir is my favourite product and I have seen a change in my hair, growing thicker and looks smoother! I highly recommend this product!