Do you want bright attention grabbing hair, and are you ready to fully explore the more colourful direction? Well then, let me introduce you to ‘Directions’ semi permanent hair colours. These little pots of awesomeness have been a firm favourite amongst myself and many of my friends for over 14 years.

Colorful Hair and Makeup. Beauty Fashion Model GirlDuring that time I have used quite a few of the colours from their range – my favourites being ‘Rubine’ and ‘Dark Tulip’ from the red shades; ‘Cerise’ from the Pinks, and ‘Plum’ and ‘Violet’ from the purples.

What I like most about Directions is that they are super easy to apply. I was 14 years old when I first started using them and could easily manage the application myself. All you need to do is wash your hair with a P.H acid balance shampoo (or purchase directions brand of pre shampoo to use), starting at the roots apply the product along the length of the hair and comb through, or, if colouring full head you can massage the dye through with your hands, making sure to use gloves so as not to stain the skin; rinse after 15 – 30 minutes, blow or towel dry – which ever you prefer –  and voila!  Wearing a heat cap, or a plastic, Asda carrier bag in my case (not advised due to safety reasons) over the hair whilst the dye is developing will help to achieve a better look and a more vivid colour. To get the optimum colour results it is recommended to bleach or prelighten the hair first. In the past I would use bleach but I found that it was harsh on my hair so switched to using prelightener kits. They do work out more expensive but I would rather pay that little bit extra to guarantee my hair was left in good condition.

Another great thing about Directions products is that they can be mixed to create your own unique colour… great if you want to express your individuality! HTB1FpEEGVXXXXb6XFXXq6xXFXXXDirections are, as I said, a semi permanent dye and instead of washing out they start to fade out into different colours. I personally liked this process as after a while it would be like having a whole new colour every few days. I know that this can be annoying to some so here’s a little tip to keep the colour lasting a bit longer: Save a small amount of colour in the pot when you have finished with your application, add some of your conditioner to the pot and use it to condition your hair after every wash.

So whether you are planning to add a few streaks to your existing colour, change your colour to something new and exciting or just go crazy and experiment with a multicolour style,  you will definitely find something in the Directions range that is just perfect!  To finish up here is a little colour experience from me: I found that reds and purples work really well against black hair – this was a favourite style of mine through my teenage years. The pink range and some of the lighter purples work really well for tips or dip dying if you are blonde, and if you want a good colour that will work well on a full head I would – and have – gone for Rubine. Have fun, experiment with different colours and I’m sure you will not be disappointed!