Three essential oilsIt’s winter time, and it’s cold and windy outside! But it’s also warm and toasty inside, thanks to the fireplace (or, central heating, in my home). But with this constant, and abrupt, change in temperature, one’s tresses can become frazzled and unhappy. To stop the erratic weather giving your locks a present they don’t want, invest in any or all of the Top 3 Oils. They’ll be a gift you can use all year round for soft, silky, and strong hair.

Coconut Oil:


  • Is my personal number one for being so multidimensional. Its composition is supreme and its effects to the hair are simply perfect. If you want super soft strands, then nourish them with coconut oil.
  • Its content is mostly from medium-chain triglycerides (predominantly “Lauric acid”) which unlike other saturated fats can actually improve your health. These fatty acids can help retain proteins in the hair from being stripped after cleansing and can even treat certain scalp conditions, such as dandruff (and even lice!)
  • The composition of the oil can even penetrate the hair’s cell membrane so deeply that it can repair damaged hair and even promote new hair growth. It is also fabulous internally, as when the lauric acid within it is converted by the body it becomes monolaurin, which can help fight off viruses and bacteria-fuelled infections.
  • It is full to the brim with antioxidants too, which prevents free-radicals from damaging DNA and thus stops premature aging of the cells. It also maintains functions of the body’s organs, doesn’t increase LDL cholesterol (unlike other vegetable sat fats) and can even speed up the metabolism, as it causes no stress to the pancreas.
  • Coconut oil basically keeps your body in tip-top condition, from your head to your toes, inside and out, and it’s so easy and cheap to find! I guarantee you’ll find a tub in your local health store, local supermarket, and if in doubt, hit the World Wide Web.

Argan oil:


  • This oil is sourced from the Argan tree, which is native to Morrocco, and is renowned for its healing properties. It is rich in omega 3 and 9, which actively penetrates the hair shaft and can directly infuse the cuticle with nutrients which helps repair damaged follicles and stimulate hair growth. With this chain of fatty acids comes the sovereign antioxidant for healthy hair, Vitamin E. Due to its high concentration of vitamin E in Argan oil, it increases the cells membrane to absorb oxygen. This vital nutrient therefore allows better circulation in the scalp, and in turn the hair follicles will be penetrated with even more nourishment.
  • Argan oil acts like a coat for hair, by sealing in moisture and it also works as a shield against harmful UV rays and pollution. This lightweight and non-greasy oil is easily manoeuvred through the hair and should be massaged into the scalp for the best results.
  • Many products on the high street now contain Argan Oil, and they are bible for healthy hair. However, due to the tree it is derived from being endangered, the products are quite pricy. So be prepared to invest a little more in this than in alternative oils.

Hemp oil:


  • Extracted from hemp seeds, the oil is packed with essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), vitamins (especially Vitamin E) and protein. This makes it a top contender not just for healthy hair, but a healthy scalp too. The oil itself works as an emollient, which helps condition the hair and scalp. Most importantly, the oil therefore helps prevent moisture loss, enabling your scalp to remain soft and hydrated. This is known as the best oil for winter conditions, as it can accommodate to dramatic temperature fluctuations.
  • Because of its nutritious content, hemp directly affects the root, meaning it works deeply into the hair. It combats dryness, strengthens strands, maintains hydration and can even stimulate growth.
  • Hemp certainly offers a multitude of benefits to the hair, and thankfully, it’s easy to find. This popular essential oil can be found in local health stores, supermarkets and also online, such as on Amazon.

Other notable oils for hair are grapeseed, avocado, rosemary, jojoba and avocado. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding an oil to keep your tresses tamed all year round. So, enjoy healthy, smooth hair whatever the weather.

P.S. I use OGX’s Argan oil mist spray and my hair remains super soft, despite the cold conditions. So, it is definitely worth the purse invasion!