20140415-162113Every girl has contemplated hair extensions at least once in their life time, I know I have! Whether you’re looking to add some much needed volume or a little extra length, there’s no denying hair extensions are very tempting. The problem is, there’s just so many brands out there, so where do you start?

Personally I’ve owned quite a few sets of extensions over the years (I’m terrible at growing out my hair) but recently I stumbled across a brand called ‘Vpfashion’ when browsing through instagram. It’s hard to know what you’re exactly buying when it comes to hair extensions, especially when you’re buying online. But they had loads of awesome reviews on both their instagram and website, with quite a few popular beauty blogs raving about their extensions.

Long story short, I bought a set. Their massive range of extensions and gorgeous colours were just far too tempting. It did take me a while to figure out what I wanted though, but I did know for sure that I wanted to dye the extensions myself since I’d have more luck matching them to my own hair that way. Lucky enough they have a whole section dedicated to their “DIY extensions” which gives you lots of information about colouring as well as tutorials and tips. They offer lengths from 14 inches to 24 inches with weight from 95g to 260g. They get quite expensive as you go up the scale, but then again you’re paying for quality and cheap extensions are never good. I went for the 24 inches and 260g at £190 (yikes) since I wanted to add a lot of length as well as thickness.

The extensions only took a few days to come from America and I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. I know I had ordered a long and thick set, but I didn’t really realise how thick they were until I had them in my hands. They came packaged nicely and arrived safe without damage. The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the box was how soft and shiny they were. The second thing I realised was I was going to need a LOT of hair dye. D613AThe clips came pre-attached with a few spare in the pack, so there was no need to be fiddling with sewing them on myself.

The package consisted of 8 pieces and 18 clips, split up into;

  • one 8” weft (4 clips)
  • one 7” weft (4 clips)
  • two 6” wefts (3 clips)
  • four 2” wefts (1 clip)

I had also bought the hanger and zip bag for an extra £9 since I figured it would help me keep the extensions in good condition when I wasn’t using them.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the dying process I went through with them, but it was pretty simple. You just dye them like your normal hair, a waft at a time making sure you cover all the hair. They take to the dye super well and I only had to do it once. I was surprised when they were in the same condition as they were when they arrived after dying, washing, drying and styling, with minimal shedding!

I used directions “midnight blue” for the most part and the ends were done with a mixture of the directions colour range.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

I couldn’t wait to try them out, and I wasn’t disappointed when I finally did! The clips are nice and secure and it doesn’t feel like you’d loose them if you move around too much. They blend with my hair so well that people don’t know I’m wearing them (the obvious goal!) and they make me feel like a real life mermaid with the amazing length and thickness. They style well and basically do everything normal hair would do! So all in all, I was super happy when I first got them.

I’ve now had the extensions for around 3 months and I still really love them! They’re supposed to have a life of over a year if you take good care of them, so I hope they’re true to their word! They have become a little thinner than they were when I first get them, and I have noticed they shed quite a bit when you brush them, so you have to be careful not to be too rough. They’re also not as soft and shiny either, but nothing a deep condition wont fix! They are by far the best extensions I’ve ever had, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some quality clip in extensions!

Here is a simple video on how to clip in hair extensions…

And here is a video from my fellow hair enthusiast (Traci Hines) as she talks about her experience…