It’s been a long winding journey from hair drama, and many years later, I am still not satisfied. However I have decided to share it all, hopefully, my love hate hair story will inspire and help you make better choices. Nothing beats learning from other peoples experiences, so read mine.

My hair is both medium textured and poker straight. So it’s often difficult to hold a curl for longer than five minutes, but yet surprisingly easy to hold a wave when my hair is shorter in length and kept in a bun overnight. Also I dye my hair too often, which is why I regularly face the dilemma of whether or not to get a fringe cut.

However, from a very young age I have always been interested in cutting and styling my own and other people’s hair, although I have zero qualifications.

Back in the 90’s, when I had naturally blonde and very fine hair, my mum would send me to the hairdressers. It seemed like she did this every few weeks but it was most likely every few months, either way, the intention was to have layers regularly chopped in to my hair. I also had a fringe which seemed to travel as far back as the crown of my head. I hated it, and would often cut my hair in rebellion, which only resulted in me being marched straight back to the hair dressers for an even shorter bob with more layers.

Thankfully, my hair eventually thickened up and grew past my shoulders. It also gradually got darker and went from blonde to brunette. However, I wasn’t letting go of my blonde hair too easily. My desire to regain what I had lost in hair colour resulted in me regularly attempting to highlight my hair, and get it back to its former blonde colour.

However, on my way to going back blonde, my now naturally dark brown hair wasn’t a fan of the changes I was desperately trying to make. On one trip to the hairdressers, I spent four hours having my hair bleached and it didn’t take long for it to turn grey (before it was even fashionable). So I dyed it back Brunette which meant £50 worth of a dye job was covered up after all of three weeks.

This was followed by various red tints which barely showed up and never lasted more than a few days before washing straight out.

A few years later, I again ventured into the blonde territory in the form of highlights at a more reputable salon than my previous attempts. Whilst I was happy with my new colour, I wanted it blonde all over but had been encouraged to start with highlights to make it a more gradual process. Short of money and patience, I found myself going straight back to my dark roots. Then, couple of summers ago when Ombré was at the height of its popularity, I again found myself reaching for the shop bought hair dye.

I thought this would be perfect for me, as it was low maintenance and cheaper. Two kits later, my hair did get lighter, but resembled more ginger than blonde, more than what I had envisaged. Many inches chopped off and dark brown box dyes later, I was again back to my natural hair colour.

One day I might finally admit defeat, but until then my pursuit to get the perfect blonde mane continues. If I ever do get there, I’m almost certain I will be back to brunette again for good not long after. I am also convinced that I will go back to my ongoing (fringe or no fringe) dilemma…