I think every woman loves the idea of looking and feeling her best. I won’t deny that when I treat myself to new make-up or pampering toys that a very feminine part of me doesn’t get ridiculously giddy. You get this fantastic rush of excitement that once you’ve used these products to beautify yourself that you will feel unstoppable. Glamour is armour, and my God, I love it.

A trip to the hairdressers used to provide me with the same initial emotion, but not the unflappable woman consequence. Weird, because I always thought that having your hair done was meant to make you feel epic? I guess when you feel like your crown and glory can never be anything more than average though, those trips become a wasted venture. You colour, cut, chop, style, straighten, curl etc. and still feel nothing. If my hair was a salad, then they were the techniques used to make a dietary recipe sound fun, but actually still taste like crunchy water.

So, what is a girl to do? This limp and lifeless hair is ruining my confidence, and it’s so light that every time the wind blows it gets stuck on my lip gloss. After some time dedicated to researching my options, watching YouTube videos and trying to hunt down specialised salons, I discovered something. This something could be what I’ve been craving: hair extensions. But, not just any old extensions. Oh no, these extensions use ultrasound waves methods to bond the hair to your own-so no heat and no glue; also known as “Ultrasonic Cold Fusion”.

Any lady who has considered hair extensions will notice there are as many different types; it’s almost like looking at an overwhelming menu of the same meal with tweaks in different places. Ultimately, they’re all going to give you thicker and/longer hair, but they achieve it very differently. Some use glue, some use tape, some weave it in and some clip. These techniques differ depending on the longevity of the extension desired, price and quality, oh and potential damage. I swore off extensions when I read horror stories of alopecia caused by them, so I never thought that I’d be sitting here even considering them. Thankfully, the cold fusion technology is so advanced that I couldn’t deny my curiosity. It’s acclaimed by celebrities, with an accolade of positive reviews. It is non-damaging to the hair or scalp. They are manageable and most of all…they are beautiful.

I booked an appointment at a salon recommended by a friend who specialised in “Great Lengths” hair extensions, who use this technology. I found out that the hair used is Indian and is voluntarily given as part of their religious rituals. Even better, when you remove your extensions (for example, when they’ve grown out and it’s time to get them done again) your old extensions get used to make wigs for children who suffer the consequences of illnesses that can lead to alopecia. With all of these factors to consider, the charitable ethics, technology, appearance and maintenance, I took the plunge.

Now, I’m not saying this is a cheap option, but you have to pay for quality. So, when you go for a free consultation, make sure you get a quote before you go ahead as you may have to part with as much as a month’s rent in cash for them. But, this all depends on the look you’re going for, whether it’s for thickness, length or both, and the shape of your head (as this dictates how many bonds you’ll need to create your desired look). For me, I have fine hair and not a huge amount of it, and because I wanted that glamourous look, mine was on the expensive side. But, was it worth it?

After 4 months with them I can honestly say that I now get that giddy feeling when I do my hair. They’re so easy to take care of too! I have never felt better when I finish my morning ritual and then see the hair I’d always dreamed of on my head. Every day is like, “Is that really me?” It makes such a difference to your confidence. I can’t imagine life without them. I just treat it as my own hair and it couldn’t be simpler. Best of all, they last for a good 6 months, if you can eek them out. So, they do pay for themselves.

Ladies, and gents, if you’ve ever been afraid of extensions but always wanted more fabulous hair then I hope this article allays your fears. It’s one of the best investments, and I will never look back.