mfbReally though, Chris McMillan is one of my favourite hairstylist. Why? Two words, Jennifer Aniston! If you’ve kept a close eye on her since her debut in friends you will agree when I say she has  amazing hair! No matter what cut, or style she looks beautiful. Chris is not only her hairstylist, a position he has held since the show Friends, but he’s her BFF too! How cute is that?

aniston Chris loves Jennifer and regularly posts pictures of him styling her hair on his Instagram, which by the way is a fantastic tool to use when keeping tabs on her look or that of any other celeb crush of yours!

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Chris McMillan has been a hairstylist for over 30 years and was born in Huntington Beach, California. In 2002 he opened up his very own salon in Beverly Hills, The Chris McMillan Salon. He is known for creating sexy, wavy, beach hairstyles, which is my favourite look right now, especially with Summer approaching. Let’s just say he’s the one that put that style on the map, even for those red carpet events.

Fact: Chris styled Kate Hudson’s hair for the Oscars in 2014.
Another fact: He even cut her mothers hair whilst Kate was taking a shower!

What’s Chris Mcmillan memorable for?
He created the 90’s layered shag hairstyle, ‘The Rachel’, named after Jennifer’s character on Friends, this became one of the most hottest looks of the 90’s. RachelThe years 1994-1996, to which I was only a young lady at the time, this became the international favourite trend. A hairdresser once said that ”this cut complimented everyone and made women look beautiful.”

The Rachel isn’t the only hairstyle Chris McMillan is known for, remember when Miley Cyrus came out of nowhere with her pixie cut? Yes that’s his work of art, so was Kim Kardashian’s hair at her wedding. Chris has a great eye for what a woman’s hair should look like and that’s what we want! Every person he styles gets a look that represents themselves. I like to think of him as my superhero hairstylist. Although I really don’t see him as just a stylist, I see him as someone that really cares about making a woman’s hair ‘her best asset’, and no one can fault him on taking that approach. His technique, style and personality all goes into making us women look how we want to feel, amazing.

What’s Chris doing now?
Apart from owning a hair salon, and styling celebrities, Chris is a columnist for Allure magazine. You can read some of his articles on their website, and on Instagram he likes to give his fans some behind the scenes pictures of styles, and photos of him and his dog.

He has appeared on the cover of Vogue, Elle, InStyle and pretty much every important style and beauty magazine there is today! So to wrap this up, let’s look at some of the modern ‘Rachel’ hairstyles (bottom left is my favourite!)