Didn’t feel like doing the hair today. #manbun #almostatopknot #almostlongenough #menshaircut #mensfashion #mensstyle

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It’s pretty safe to say Jordan O’Brien from YouTube is a stylist that keeps abreast of the trends, just look at the hashtags in the Instagram post above. So when he posted a picture of his #manbun or #almostatopknot hairstyle last September, it stood out. Well fast-forward a few months, and its like, get the man bun son! This hairstyle that is sometimes called the ‘mun’ or ‘bro-bun’ is the new craze for 2015, with men growing their hair mid-length and tying it up in elastic bands to the top of their heads.

Whether you are for or against the look, it has been seen on many celebrities walking the red carpet, as well as on the streets where hipsters originally started the trend.

Commonly worn with a beard, the man bun has been known to look untidy and unkept, but this style was in fact worn by Vikings and Soldiers many years ago in war.

This style is not just a fashion, as a matter of fact it was once just a practical method for tying long hair up. Celebrity’s such as Harry Styles form One Direction wear man buns with pride.

His bun is often neat and tidy with hair sleeked back to his head, and its usually worn with smart clothing, as is befitting a major young icon in the celebrity world.

Musician Jared Leto also proves that the ‘mun’ can even be sported at forty, as he wears his in a more relaxed style with even more sleek hair tied back. He also sports his with the familiar beard Giving him the ‘hipster’ look , as well as looking tidy as the hair is not out of place on the Head.

One direction sweetheart Zayn Malik has also been seen with his ‘mun’. He shaves the bottom of his hair, i.e. under the bun, leaving the rest of the mid-length hair on top to be tied in a high bun.

1His style is often worn with a beard, and he has been spotted at award shows with this style, as well as on the beach relaxing with a lower bun tied loosely and strands of hair let loose to fall down on the face.

Whether it’s a Harry Styles tight ‘mun’, or a loosely tied low ‘mun’ like Jared, or you just want the no effort look like Zayn, one thing is for certain the ‘mun’ is all the range at the minute with men and has become a fashion statement.