Rihanna’s hairstyles are very versatile and beautiful. She has dazzled us with almost every look possible, from edgy punk, to pixie cut, bob and the list goes on and on. Let’s not forget the famous Rihanna’s red hair, certainly worth mentioning. 

Ever wondered who’s behind her looks. Delightfully we introduce Ursula Stephen, the gifted celebrity hairstylist.

Ursula Stephen was born and raised in Brooklyn. She started off by styling her own hair, and with time she worked on others in her mum’s basement. She further improved her skills by attending Sarah J. Hale, a vocational school. Where she learnt how to work on both Caucasian and Afro-Caribbean hair, when asked if there is a different she has this to say “ The truth is, it’s no different, hair is hair, a cut is a cut. Obviously if you have kinkier hair, it requires certain skills. I don’t look at hair in terms of race, I look at it as textures.”

Her career took off when she started working for the likes of Khadejia Bass, Kandi, and Keyshia Cole. In 2007, her journey with Rihanna started, with her working on the Rihanna’s video “Unfaithful”. The birth of a bond between the two girls, Ursula went on to create the signature bob for Rihanna. The haircut which many people credit with helping to catapult Rihanna’s career into superstardom. The start of Rihanna and her hair!

Rihanna 2Ursula is undoubtedly gifted and passionate, and this has taken her to unimaginable places, including working with celebrities like Mary J Blige, Kerry Washington, Iggy Azalea and more. Editorial for GQ, Vogue, Elle etc. She is currently, the Global Ambassador for Motions.

As the ambassador for Motions, she helps women of all hair textures feel beautiful, empowered and recognise better versions of themselves. Ursula Stephen also owns a Salon Located at 66 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Her Salon caters to all hair textures from Straight to Kinky.

See Ursula in action below:

Despite the fact that Elle magazine has lauded her as “hair royalty,” Ursula Stephen remains remarkably humble and painstakingly human.