The 2nd half of 2015 started with unforgettable events like Wimbledon. Although it is over, we are still buzzing here at Hype My Hair for many reasons. The Championships had many magical moments that will remain with us forever, such as when David Beckham caught Jamie Murray’s rogue tennis ball, to Heather Watson coming two points close to beating Serena Williams, to Serena Williams Grand Slam title, and then the epic men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. However the ultimate magic moment is finding out that Kim & Andy Murray share a stylist called Dwight Isaacs .

We are big fans of Kim Murray’s amazing, shiny and luscious hair. During Wimbledon we are not just cheering for her husband, we also cheer her hair as it remains spot on even during unpredictable weather conditions. It was only a matter of time before we featured her on Hype My Hair.

Join us with your cup of tea, as we reveal the secrets behind Kim Murray’s hair, and why it’s known for taking over the court.


So..how does she get her hair to be perfect all the time, and withstand weather conditions even on the court side. We will let you in on a secret, it’s all about this 4 things:

1. The champion blow dry
2. Beat the heat by using a frizz reducing shampoo and conditioner
3. Get the sleek look by using treatment to straighten your hair like Keratin
4. A touch of colour

We know the question on your mind… who is her hairstylist?

We are pleased to introduce you to Dwight Isaacs, he is a London/Surrey based hairdresser who has trained under some of the UK’s finest hairdressers such as Nicky Clarke and Daniel Galvin. He is famous for transforming the looks of celebrities like Kim Murray (nee Sears), Andy Murray, Jodie Kidd, Usher, Jemima Khan and the boys from Snow Patrol. Dwight has a salon based in Oxshott, Surrey and he offers a wide range of styles for all hair types, occasions as well as delivering cutting edge hair styling. If you are looking to achieve Kim Murray’s look then step into his salon to be transformed.
Dwight Isaac