We are huge fans of Lianne La Havas, from her shows to her debut album which we play a lot at work. Then there is her effortlessly stylish look and naturally curly hair. Having said that, we feel she still has not gotten the attention she deserves. You see we had in a similar fashion discovered Emily Sandé, recommended her to friends, and watched her become the well known artist she is today. So we expect the same for Lianne, however when we heard Zane Lowe (formerly of BBC Radio 1 but now on Beats 1 that’s broadcast on Apple Music) say he, and those in the know, consider Lianne’s first album a classic – it was all the confirmation we needed that she is dope!

So in light of that revelation and while we listen to the remix of Unstoppable by FKJ, we explore the creative behind her amazing hair.

Lianne consistently has standout hairstyles, but what really gets our attention is that it never looks over the top. Something as subtle as that is harder to pull off than you think, so naturally we were intrigued. Clearly it’s a look that enhances the girl next door soulful vibe that she has, but who is her hairstylist, or does she do it all herself?

So we asked around and discovered that she does indeed have a formidable hairstylist, and it’s none other than Eugene Davis. Now for those who don’t know who he is, Eugene Davis is a London based (although originally from New York) hairstylist, session stylist, and Art Director with over 20 years of experience. He has worked in music, on TV, done advertising, and much more.
Although he is an all round stylist, he is actually a renowned Wig Designer and Hair Extensions Specialist. Eugene has worked with the legendary Eartha Kitt, and other celebrities such as Mary J Blige, Lil Kim, Phylicia Rashad, Gillian Anderson, Kate Beckinsale, and Sanaa Lathan to name a few. He has also graced the pages of many major magazines within the industry such as: W Magazine, Vogue Italia, Womens Wear Daily, ID Magazine, Company, Marie Claire, and many more.

To find out more about him and view his impressive portfolio, click the button below.