Vernon Scott
Celebrity barber Vernon Scott II is a stylist, an educator, creative director and photographer. He has proved himself to be a fearless visionary with an interesting story that shows perseverance and determination are important parts of a journey.

Vernon credits his interest in cutting hair and fashion to his father. He got his hair cut by his father until he was thirteen. His father was also a tailor, and took him to thrift stores, which was his introduction to colours, cut, textiles and patterns that naturally influenced his sense of style. Vernon started cutting his own hair from the age of fourteen, and by sixteen he was working as a barber.

Working with Robert Glasper (Grammy Award winner) played an integral part in taking Vernon’s career to the next level. Since then the celebrity barber has worked with stars such as Jay-Z, Maxwell, Pharrell Williams, Wale and Ne-Yo.

Chrisette Michele

When asked by Seher Sikandar from Bevelcode, what has been the biggest learning moment in his career so far?

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Vernon said after his divorce, he was homeless for 40 days. During which he made a five year plan, and he was determined to succeed, no distractions, deviations, or excuses, it was all or nothing. He slept in his car whilst working at the barber shop all day, taking showers at the gym after his daily workout, and this was his routine as he plotted his way to success. Giving up wasn’t an option for Vernon, he knew what it was like to hit below rock bottom. At this very point, he wrote on Twitter, a quote that he will forever remember. “My desire for what I want, far outweighs the fear of what I’m going to have to go through to prepare me for it.”

His drive paid off, because he went ahead to prove his worth by working with Essence Magazine, Chrisette Michele and Ed Sheeran for the Grammy, and Kanye West for The Met Gala (aka Costume Institute Gala).

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Kanye West Met Gala

He wants his legacy to be that he lived on this earth as a testimony that nothing is impossible, and anything is achievable. Absolutely anything! He knows most people would not put themselves in adverse situations in order to perform at their full potential. It’s human nature to prioritise comfort, but that’s not who he has resolved to be. He worked five jobs to still be able to cut hair, when cutting hair wasn’t bringing in enough money.

Vernon’s journey is inspirational. He worked in silence, pushing through the darkest times of his life, letting his skills and talent pave the way to success. He is passionate about cutting hair, and obsessed with being the best. He has been known to say that a hair cut is final, there are no do-overs, so perfection is key even when he is tired or stressed. Once he gets on his feet, and has a clipper in his hands, he comes alive. No wonder he is an inspiration and influence to others.