Sue PembertonShe is a two time award winner of the NAHA (North American Hairstylists Award) in the hair colour category in 2007 and 2013, and seven time nominee. Also a two time nominee in the NAHA hair and editorial category.

Meet the queen of colours Sue Pemberton. She is a professional hairstylist, colour enthusiast and overall experimental queen! Listed as number 1 of 50 by Ricky Morton in his book ‘Top 50 Hairstylists’. Pemberton has made a secure name for herself within the hair industry and has enjoyed the fruits of success many times over.

Ranked as number 24 in the world of platform artists, it is safe to say that Sue Pemberton has an edgy ability and wild reputation behind her to back up the facts.

She has seen the world, experimented with a wide variety of ‘outrageous’ pigmentations that hair virgins would flee in terror, so powerful is the hair glare she saturates the head with.
Pemberton has also made a name for herself, being universally acknowledged for her contribution as ‘Artistic Hair Director’ for Jocio Vero K – PAK Colour. Her duties includes – Creator of hair colour designs for Jocio’s ads, she also lent her skills to the seasonal collections, corporate imagery, hair and fashion shows and magazine photo shoots.

0058_DSC_9097 - Damien - Buddy - Sue
Pemberton’s portfolio has quite the selective ingredients to help build her career to the top of the Hairstylists rankings. Many Hairstylists are at a constant war with the other, always battling it out for ‘who’s the best’ at styling and most importantly knowledge of hair itself.

What makes a great hairstylist is not only the experience and the years of hard work that has been poured forth into many a colour bowl, but the compassion, the patience and the understanding that is vital in hairdressing. The client has to have trust in the stylist to let them anywhere near their hair, and Pemberton has earned the trust of the world over!
Originally hailing from the UK, Sue Pemberton has over twenty five years of hair experience.

With having over two decades of expertise in the wildly exaggerated rainbow haired colours, Sue enthusiastically quotes:
“I like to have a signature practise when it comes to colour. I like vivid colours but also beautifully executed colours, regardless of how vivid they are, it is well done, beautiful and stunning!”

We couldn’t agree more Sue!