1If you’re anything like me then you would’ve surely watched Hair (series 2) when it was broadcast on BBC2 in July/August. Presented by gorgeous comedienne Katherine Ryan, the competition followed ten hopeful amateur hairdressers, each eager to prove they’ve got the skills that can take them to the big time. 

p02wfms8Katherine Ryan presents Hair – Series 2

As you can well imagine, not all the contestants’ dreams come true, and with each episode a stylist was eliminated for being the weakest link.

The entire idea of a competition to find Britain’s best amateur hairstylist is phenomenal, and is fast becoming essential watching for every hair enthusiast. The challenges were also quite out of the box…

p02xl1vcStyle created for the fantasy theme in Episode 5

p02xl2fvVictorian hair for an actor at the London Dungeon in Episode 6

Those in the know will be well aware that on the final episode of this years competition, when the winner was crowned by judges and celebrity hairdressers, Denise McAdams and Alain Pichon – it was non-other than Phil Hunt, the gentleman who left his job as a store manager in a luxury footwear boutique in Westfield Village to follow his dream of becoming a hairdresser.

Phil_Hunt_Winner_of_BBC_Two_HAIR_2015Winner of BBC Hair – Series 2

Phil was clearly impressive throughout the process, but what stood out for me was the fact that he chose to leave his job in shoe retail after ten years, to find something that made him happier. A decision that meant stepping out of his comfort zone, studying for an NVQ in hairdressing, and then starting from the bottom in his 30’s.

p01s4rq7Denise McAdam, judge, also a Session stylist and Royal hairdresser

p01s4rqdAlain Pichon, judge, also an international session stylist

Being judged by such big wigs (no pun intended) is daunting for even the most competent of stylists, so our amateurs really had their work cut out for them. It was made all the more stressful when it was revealed that the final challenge was to produce amazing wedding hairstyles for actual brides who all wanted their individual briefs followed to the letter.

The three finalists created very different yet beautiful looks for their brides, but perhaps the most striking style was produced by Phil Hunt, whose bright red headed bride wanted a mermaid inspired look for a romantic wedding taking place on the beach. He styled the hair into a shell shaped victory roll with cascading waves that looked very much like the sea. The stunning look certainly wowed the judges and led to Phil winning the entire competition.

p02wqw7dPhil Hunt – Winner.

p02wqw0q(Finalist) Marlene, specialises in African hairstyling, braids, wigs and weaves. She was a banker in New York, but felt it stifled her creativity so she returned to the the UK and became a hairdresser.

p02wqw2f(Finalist) Maryia, a self-taught stylist who moved to London from Belarus seven years ago, but after finding out that her Russian law qualifications didn’t apply over here, she started planning weddings, parties, and a wedding hairstyling business.

The former shoe shop manager shared his success with family and friends who had been invited to the final and was clearly shocked to received the title. I think it was a well deserved victory, although I couldn’t help but feel a pang for runners up Marlene and Maryia who were both incredibly talented and deserving of their places in the final. However, a massive congratulations is in order for Phil, we hope to see great things from him. I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for next years competition!

Did you watch Hair this year, if so, what did you think of the results?