Bangs-with-Glasses-HairstylesNow I am not a hairstylist but I speak for everyone that has had a DIY salon moment. We are the unsung heroes that have to make the most of everyday, working out the perfect hairstyle for work, or fun, or those lazy days that suddenly end with a surprise visitor at the door and instant panic! Anyway I digressed, we all have that friend with the fringe, the long hair or the crazy colour.

A friend whose hair hasn’t changed much since school, they’ve had it so long it has almost become an extra limb and a part of them.


Words cannot express the jealousy I have towards people with the ability to pull off a short fringe. I used to know this girl in college who’d wear these twee little cardigans whilst rocking the no makeup look. A very short, mousy brown fringe framed a pair of tortoiseshell Deidre Barlow glasses; it just looked so damned rad. Having platinum blonde hair and being caked in makeup made me feel a bit brash in comparison.


So this is what this post is about, some good old non-hairstylist hairstyle banter. My hair being naturally blonde is also naturally limp.  I used to wash it every morning so I could dry it upside down after putting on a bucket load of ‘volumising’ mousse (which did absolutely nothing) All this so I had a faint chance of my ears not sticking through my hair. I remember once being referred to as ‘elfin,’ not quite the look I was going for really. After this, some mornings the plug socket in my bedroom looked like it’d be the only option in my mission for attaining big hair.

I’ve always thought, ‘this time I’ll stick with it, this will be my hairstyle the one that defines me visually.’ I change my hairstyle almost as much as I have hot dinners, each time believing that this one will be ‘my’ hairstyle, the one I’ve always meant to have and the one that screams ‘yeah, this is me’. Its not as if I stroll off to the hairdressers each time I want something new, usually this is an opportunity for research and hours of scrolling the internet before I finally settle for something I’ve seen on Pintrest. Usually the new hairstyle in question is so different from my current one that it would make most hairdressers cringe at the thought of attempting it in one evening. Happily I set aside the entire night and get ready for some serious home hair DIY.

YouTube is a perfect platform for attaining hair knowledge and a personal favorite of mine. (Lets all give a big whoop for the 21st century!) I can tell you that this social media guru has helped me out of some really close shaves if you’ll pardon the pun, and where I learned about toner. Ah yes! Toner. Gone are the days of canary yellow hair, hello beautiful pale blonde. All this achieved with a touch of purple hair dye and a stack load of cheapo conditioner, who knew?!

Personally, I’ve always been a natural blonde and you’d think with such light hair I’d of left it well alone? Nope. In fact I saw it as an opportunity not to leave it alone. I can remember as a young teenager a hairdresser advising me to ‘never start bleaching’ my hair. I wish I’d have listened. I’d never done much to it previously other than the odd rather daring pink streak, circa 1996 but eventually my hair with age darkened. I was left with an ash blonde, which was apparently to my teenage self, far too ‘boring’.
Not listening to any professional advice, I bleached my hair as starchy white blonde as it would possibly go. This colour became a rather brittle base for a rainbow of colours. I say rainbow as no exaggeration and you can now add the colours in between thanks to the ‘pastel’ revolution.
My love for changing one bright colour for another at first required excessive Googling. Usually Id end up panic stricken perched on top of my toilet with a concoction of things on my head. I would usually be praying that this would shift the ‘Mediterranean blue’ I’d slapped on a week ago, now wanting to remove it due to a sibling liking me to a ‘sea witch.’

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find a hairstyle that says ‘yeah, this is me,’ a hairstyle I’ll be remembered for and that says everything I want it to say in the hair department. I’m currently attempting to grow out my natural hair and only sticking to vegetable based dyes, this is proving a hard feat especially as I have banned myself from Pinterest.

I feel hair should always make you feel good, and if like me you’re indecisive and change your hair all the time, maybe that’s just your thing! My hair has certainly been on a journey over the years and believe me I have the photos to prove it!

perfect hairstyle

Maybe we were born this way, some to have default styles that just work 85% of the time, and others to have random moments of absolute perfections in-between a lot of experimentations?