Stylist- Philip KingsleyWith a client list that includes royalty, you know you are in majestic hands when being styled at a Philip Kingsley Salon. The first trichologists in London arrived in Mayfair during the 1960’s. But what exactly is a trichologist?

Trichogists treat the hair and scalp and ensure both areas remain healthy.  Many of the staff that worked with Kingsley back in the 1960’s are still with him today. At Philip Kingsley the trichologists treat the hair and scalp for both medical and cosmetic reasons. The type of work they carry out can vary from alopecia to the general condition of your hair.Stylis- Training course

The trichology doesn’t just stop in the salons. In 1997 Kingsley created his own range of hair products that are designed with maintaining a healthy scalp and hair in mind. The products have been categorised into the actual hair texture rather than merely the state of your hair.Stylist - philip-kingsley-productsCombine texture, condition and length and you have a winning recipe to transform your hair. Marks & Spencer stock the range of scalp rescue products. Like many stylists, Kingsley and his team are focused on retaining strong, healthy hair as well as displaying the client’s personality.

When you arrive at one of the renowned clinics in London and New York you are entering a highly professional environment with exceedingly well trained trichologists. If you find yourself in a clinic for cosmetic reasons you will receive a through consultation assessing the condition of your hair, your lifestyle and diet and a treatment will be tailored to your personal needs. With these kinds of methodical assessments it is not surprising The Sunday Times has dubbed Kingsley as ‘The Hair Doctor.’ Graduating as a trichologist in 1953, Kingsley has more than 50years experience in the field.

Audrey Hepburn once famously visited the clinic in London in 1974 with a concern regarding the over processing she had inflicted on her hair.

This was when Kingsley created his now world famous Elasticizer. The award winning Elasticizer is a pre-shampooing conditioning treatment. It creates hair that is manageable, gives bounce and nourishes dry hair.

The product is still available today and as popular as ever. Have a look at Marks & Spencer online for the full range of products available. Check out Philip Kingsley for constant updates in the hair industry with tips from top trichologists in both the US and UK.

Update: Philip Kingsley died of a stroke on Saturday (3rd of September 2016) at his home in London. He was 86 years old.