Summer is the season to rejuvenate your hair. Whether you have time or not, Zoella will fix your hairstyling problems pronto! The hot weather can leave you undecided on hairstyling choices, but we all want to show off those locks and achieve a sun-kissed look whilst we’re out. So if you’re confused then look no further…

Zoella is a young & famous YouTube star with over 8 Millions subscribers, known for make-up and hair tutorials, as well as product reviews. She has gained a substantial amount of success through her YouTube channel, and she has some lovely summer hairstyles for us all.

Make sure you hit play on the videos below to see the quick up-do and loose hairstyles. These are suitable for all hair types.

The fishtail: Plaiting your hair may seem difficult, but once you’ve got the gist of it, with a little practicing you would be a pro.

The high ponytail: There’s nothing like a great ponytail on a hot summer’s day. It’s perfect for keeping your hair away from your face during the day.

The half up, half down: If you’re after a more sophisticated look without taking up much time, then this is the hairstyle for you, and it compliments all hair types. It’ll look like you put in a lot of time, when really all it took was two bobby pins.

The curly hair: You can’t go without curls on a summer’s day! It’s a gorgeous look that will go with every outfit. Curls look great with short and long hair.

So say goodbye to limp and boring hair! However, don’t forget to protect your hair from the heat and the sun, and remember you’ll need double the protection with heat styling. Let us know if the videos above by Zoella helped you with your summer styling, simply tweet using #zoella @HypeMyHair, and we’ll be sure to give it a mention. If you liked Zoella, then make sure you hit the hype button too.