These past years a new name was added to the ever-growing list of celebrity hairstylists. Paul Percival is the man whose name seems to be cropping up just about everywhere I turn. Having styled for major publishers such as Vogue and Elle, and created breath-taking innovative designs, he has become a force to reckon with in the beauty and hair industry. Let me tell you why that’s a very good thing for everybody. You see…

Hair and beauty, just like fashion, requires people to go further than the usual limits by doing something new. Paul Percival is most renowned for his sharp clean looks, demonstrating both the sheer talent he encompasses as well as his spontaneity with the blade. Paul’s aim is to make people feel more confident through their hair.

As Paul was thrust into the spotlight, he began to feel as though the image that he presented was not what he felt himself to be. So he undertook a hair restoration treatment which increased hair growth in the front crown area of his hair. The fact Paul chose to do this publically truly shows how sincere he is in his social appearance to the world.

One event in recent times that really shot Paul up amongst those high ranking stylists was, Cheryl Fernandez Haircut this year. The beautiful Cheryl decided to give in to the trend that has overtaken 2015 and cut of her luscious lock for a bob. And I absolutely approve the style choice.

Both Paul and Cheryl knew what they wanted to see and Paul (as the hairstylist) knew what was required, hence such a seamless hairstyle was created.

cheryl-new-hairPaul’s idea was to create a look that screams iconic vintage, yet held enough modernity that it would be loved by all. The look is a classic neck length bob with a ruffled textured look being created through the variously cut layers of hair.

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Paul is one half of a salon group called Percy and Reed in London that has won countless awards including the 2015 Glammy. Their aim was to create a salon that would be available to everyone, not just the A-listers and the fabulously wealthy, however that hasn’t stopped them from getting the attention of celebs. If Cheryl Fernandez can entrust her hair to these guys, I would do so too.