Hypemyhair.com VidalSassoon-1Everyone has heard of Vidal Sassoon, with an autobiography: Fantasies, a television series in the early 1980’s: Your new day with Vidal Sassoon, and various radio appearances it is not unexpected he has been deemed the most famous hairstylist in history. Sassoon has even had a film: Vidal Sassoon: The Movie (2010) made.

Producer Michael Gordon revealed the film started out as a personal tribute but turned into the need to educate younger generations about Sassoon’s excellence and contributions to the hair and fashion industries and to re-inspire older generations. It is not surprising he is a house hold name and has been so for some time.

Described by colleagues as a ‘hairdressing legend’ and by Lee Stafford as “my hero” what was it about the man from the east end that had everybody so in awe? One of Sassoon’s hair concepts was to create a style that could be managed and replicated after leaving the salon doors. Having started out in the industry in the 1950’s, after completing an apprenticeship of his mothers instruction, this was an era when ‘the bigger the hair the better’ was undoubtedly the slogan. Sassoon wanted to change the way the public thought about hair. It wasn’t supposed to be difficult and filled with lacquer; it was supposed to be simple and low maintenance. Sassoon used angles and straight cuts when styling hair, that could be recreated after washing, and have been compared to geometric architecture.

Sassoon has shaped many styles over the decades and created many inspirational looks. The 1960’s were the peak of his inspiring designs. The most attention-grabbing include the Five point, which is a bowl haircut with sharp V shapes cut near the ears and at the back of the neck, The Asymmetric, familiar today as the bob cut with one side that is longer than the other and the Wedge Bob.
Stylist- Styling A modern take on this style has been seen on Victoria Beckham. Victoria Beckham

With so many styles existing today and countless new stylists with innovative approaches there are almost too many options to choose when sourcing a new look. It is all very well following fashion and the latest trends, but just because it’s in fashion it does not mean it will suit everybody. We’ve all been to the hairdressers clutching a picture of a favourite celebrity, but one haircut does not make you a Cameron Diaz. This is something Sassoon reinforced in his hairdressing, and is still evident at the Vidal Sassoon Salons today: “We study individual features, characteristics and personal style, applying each cut and colour with careful consideration and precision, creating the ultimate individualised look that’s effortlessly sophisticated” www.vidalsassoon.com Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Product Range The new Vidal Sassoon Pro Series 2013 is available to buy in the US and hits the UK later in the year.