camddjdYes the autumn chill is real, and with it comes beautiful innovative hairstyles of various twists and braids, most of which seem to require a visit to the salon. From the ruffled yet perfected braids, to simple twist that are firmly secured at the back of a loose messy bun, these are all tell-tale signs that people make conscious decisions about what hairstyles work best in the cold. And although these hairstyles look glamorous, the reality is, most are very easy to do and can be done with almost any type of hair or length.

Many autumnal hairstyles can be achieved quite effortlessly and you are only required to know two basic skills, one being Braiding. The skill of braiding can then be applied further to create any other style you wish to create. If you are a beginner to braiding, a tip would be to try and create these styles on slightly greasy hair. This will provide you with more grip when braiding and will allow your braid to hold more firmly as opposed to freshly washed hair that will be silky and the braid may fall out slightly easier.


The second skill would be to learn how to twist your hair. The word is pretty much self-explanatory and is simply to just twist, yup,  just twist! If your hair is freshly washed it may be slightly harder for you to twist your hair due to it being quite smooth and silky, so a solution would be to create this look upon one or two day old hair. This will have add an effortlessly messy look to your twists.


Gain Momentum
Through the two simple techniques aforementioned you can create the very same pintrest-ey hairstyles that seemed to be created by nimble fingered professionals. The trick would be to add more sections of hair to the braid that you are creating. By doing so, your braid will start to look more defined and the pulling strands on either side of the braid will create that autumn look you are after.

Also the position of either the braid or the twist can be determined with the direction that your pull the surrounding stands of hair in. If you want the braid to trace the side of your head you would need to direct your twist in that direction and the firmly secure it at the end with bobby pins or even merge the twist into an intricately ending braid.


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