Blow DryingOnce upon a time I had very long, Rapunzel-like hair. I always knew I would cut my hair short, and I did eventually. I soon learned a very valuable lesson in hairstyling, as short hair cannot just be left to dry naturally like my long locks once could.

Just weeks after I had it cut, I had a conversation with someone else who had recently had a short cut. I complained about the fact that I always had to straighten it, otherwise it would be all ‘flicky’ – while very stylish in the 60’s, not such a good look these days. She then replied “You obviously haven’t learned the art of blow-drying yet.” At first I was angry at how horrible a statement that was – clearly my hair must’ve been looking particularly awful that day… But in hindsight, I realise she was right. There really is an art to blow-drying, which I could only learn when I had a short haircut to tame.


I am by no means an expert now, but I certainly know how vital it is to own a proper array of hairstyling tools. A decent roller brush is by far the most necessary item for successful styling, along with investing in a good hairdryer. Every hair-drying session is like a military operation now, but it is effective. Yes, it takes longer, but it makes such a difference. Instead of blasting all of my hair at once, I now section it off – the underneath sections first – and work my way to the top before moving onto the other side. Using the roller brush properly results in volumised, straighter hair without needing to use a straightener; ultimately saving time and effort!
Louise Blow Dry Hair

I must admit, I have struggled in the past to get the back of my hair done to a standard as good as the rest, but I’m getting there. I’ve found I haven’t had to use my curling tongs or straighteners nearly as much as I used to, and when I do need to even out the odd kink, it is only on a tiny section of hair, and mainly just the ends. Perhaps I was naive before, but I never appreciated the importance of blow-drying in the past. It is the primary part of styling hair, and when you have long tresses which don’t require much attention, it goes by the wayside. Now? It’s the most important part of my hair routine. The longer time I spend on drying, the shorter time I spend doing any other styling. I’ve learnt my lesson.