originalAttending a Christmas party but don’t know how to style your hair? Want to unveil that over the top and sexy dramatic style that has that perfect WOW factor for the holiday season while retaining your femininity? Then stick around.

Halloween was quite inspiring, so this end of year holiday season is the best time to use all of that creativity on your hairstyle and hair colour.

Vivid shades help to accentuate a mundane hairstyle, as we have all seen on our favourite celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

KylieKylie at the Billboard Music Award 2014

Then we were all blinded by the eccentric, rainbow of hair colours that walked the streets this summer, and oh how lovely it looked.

rainbow pastelRainbow of pastel colours

However, we can now put away our shades as we strut into a new era of colour – simplistic yet sophisticated. Wave goodbye to baby blues and pretty pinks and say hello to fiery copper and granny greys.

These are the hair colour trends of Autumn/Winter 2015 that will make it to 2016!

Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood from the The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Caught your attention? I thought it would, fiery copper can be fun if you can rock it with boldness this holiday.

Or you can up for the equally dramatic granny greys, as seen in various styles below…

maxresdefault1Chloë Grace Moretz in her granny greys and matching makeup

tumblr_nq9vwpTjUU1qhv9j2o1_1280Amandla Sternberg’s glorious hairstyle in granny greys

crop-alienCrop Alien cut in granny grey

cara1Cara Delevingne’s granny grey that gradually fades out

FYI, here are tips for the Rocky Horror inspired Magenta Hair style of 2015! :

  • Straighten hair. If you already have curly or thick hair the I strongly suggest you do this.
  • Comb through your hair carefully making sure all knots and tangles are non existent.
  • Comb hair flat to your head so that no partings are showing as this will effect the desired look.
  • Carefully taking a medium to thick strands of hair, work from the back of your head by back-combing your hair furiously so it becomes a big fluffy, knotty mess. (Think 80’s style)
  • As you back come each section take your hairspray and blast the back-combed hair until it stands up on its own.
  • Repeat back-combing all around your head, making sure that you keep spraying continuously otherwise the hair will fall flat and will just look a knotty mess.
  • Keep fluffing your hair out as much as possible. Fiddle around with it until your happy.
  • Once done. Spray more hairspray over your entire head. (I suggest using a good brand for this job)
  • To keep your hair upright and bouncy, add hair wax to the the hair, finishing with another coat of hairspray.

There you have it, holiday hair at its finest!