It’s summer, and if you are like me then you spend ages perfecting your hairstyle for the season. You want to look good whether it’s just out shopping with friends or you’re on holiday in a hotter climate. Sadly, when humidity attacks, your hair looks like that of a Barbie doll after it’s been shampooed and brushed. Not pretty right, well now you can beat the summer frizz with a few simple tips.

Frizzy, and in some cases seriously out of control. woman-with-dry-hair-1The most annoying thing is, it leaves your head feeling heavy because your hair feels a lot thicker. Trying to control it can also be very frustrating, I know I tried every product I could get to ensure it never happened again. The problem is, trying every product that advertises to stop frizz control isn’t the best way to go about it. Hero-NF-dddacf_02Understanding your own hair and why it’s super sensitive to humidity is the first step of tackling the problem. Then find the right products instead of mixing and using multiple formulas at the same time.

I know you want your hair to look amazing this summer, you have planned the outfits, and even booked the events. In truth, there is no reason why you can’t achieve it all and look really stunning.Get-busy-toothbrush

What causes hair to frizz?
It’s slightly scientific. Hydrogen rises in humid weather, and when that bonds with the protein and water in your hair, it causes it to curl and become frizzy.

Hair spray or any form of products that contain alcohol can seriously dry your hair, especially the cheap knock off brands. Try and steer clear, take a couple of seconds in reading to see if any alcohol is present in the ingredients.

Curling irons or straighteners, I personally recommend using a heat defence spray or lotion that also acts as a styler and then blow drying, rather than using curling irons and straighteners. It may not give you the same look but using the correct techniques could help you achieve a look that’s close enough or better than your desired style. Plus it will make a lot of difference to your hair too!

Chlorine, we’ve all seen how our hair looks when we have spent a period of time in the pool. It strips the natural oils from our hair. Big reason why when you’ve been swimming your hair looks tangled and dry. Now I’m not ruling out going for a swim, but maybe decreasing the time spent in the pool will help.

Washing your hair too much can be one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to looking after their hair. Washing it every day takes away any form of natural oils or at least drastically reduces it.

Take care of your split ends, either do this yourself or go to a professional and have your hair trimmed. Keep on top of this to minimise split ends.

How to Maintain frizzy hair?
Well you really just have to think about what causes frizzy hair in humid weather, or in general, and think of reverse circumstances. For instance, anything that’s already causing your hair to dry in humid weather could easily trigger frizz.

My main recommendation is, if you are going to be spending a lot of time out and about when the weather is humid, wear something to protect your scalp. Not a truckers hat or a headscarf that will make you look undercover, shop around for some summer hats. Something to remember, most people have more of a sensitive scalp than others and we need to protect that in order for our hair to grow.

Hair cut! Get the right cut for your hair. Adding some layers to your style will help with the puffiness or OVERKILL of the frizz bomb!Point-nozzle-down

Remember to not wash your hair everyday, get yourself into a routine of washing every other day. I know a friend of mine who only ever has to wash once a week! If you are not leaving the house, then leave your greasy hair alone for an extra day. Soaking up those natural oils aren’t that bad!

Find a leave-in conditioner, this will help tackle the frizz GREAT for those who have it all year round.

Blow dry your hair on the lowest setting, either way drying your hair takes all the moisture out of your hair so you can’t really avoid it unless you like to let your hair dry naturally, but necessity compels. Anyways keep It on a low heat setting, and if you have a cool function then use that afterwards to cool down your hair and scalp. By the way, if you are the type that likes to towel dry your hair, please don’t use a towel or be so rough, an old cotton t-shirt will be a lot gentler.

Change your brush. If you really want to tame that frizz use a wide toothed comb. Find a hairstyle that suits your hair. Maybe tie it up? A side plait or messy side bun. Something that suits you and your hair!
Finding the right hair products. Spend some time looking at all of the different products and make sure its going to be the right purchase. Anti-Frizz gel will help especially if you do decide to style your hair.

Use products that have Argan oil, I use this regularly because I fight frizz everyday. You can purchase products with Argan oil or you buy the oil on its own. I swear by it!