Tips- Brunette beachThe weather is ultimately starting to look up and if you’re planning on heading to the beach this summer make sure you’re looking your best with beach perfect hair. Before heading down to the sand follow these simple beach tips for sleek, tousled hair.

The most important thing to remember before you leave the house is to apply a leave in conditioner to battle dry frizzy ends.

We all use sun protection on our skin so why should our hair be any different? Kérastase have created their Huile Céleste Spray with UVA and UVB defence, your hair will be as protected as your skin with this hair sun cream.

kerastase huile celeste

“Kérastase Huile Céleste help protect your hair and enhance its shine with a shimmering finish. Spray Huile Céleste on dry or towel-dried hair and style as usual. Can be reapplied throughout the day.” Apply in conjunction with leave in conditioner for double protection.

Sea salt sprays are bigger than ever this season. A day at the beach should leave hair feeling textured and lively. The salt in the sea water can be used as a styling tool to give you perfectly ruffled waves and allow hair to hold its style for longer. Most brands have their own sea salt spray, favourites included Bumble & Bumbles top selling Surf Spray or Sally Hershberger’s Wave Spray.TIGI_S_Factor_Smoothing_Lusterizer_200ml_1366987670Salt spray brings out the hairs natural wave and helps to oust frizz. If you’re not going anywhere near the sea or shops why not make your own at home with a clean empty spray bottle, fill with water, a few teaspoons of salt, and a drop of moisturising oil. Spray on hair for textured thicker waves. Ensure limited use, preferably alternate days, as not to dry out your hair before the sun goes down.

When exiting the sea it’s a good idea to keep a wide tooth comb handy to detangle your ends. Once smooth scrunch the tips and roots to impact your hairs natural wave. The comb can also be used to apply the UV cream, simply spritz onto the teeth of the comb and run through hair for an even distribution.

After a long day in the sun it’s only natural to apply a soothing after sun lotion to your parched skin. Charles Worthington has created the Takeaways Sunshine Aftersun Intensive Shot.DSCN7309Apply the shot after shampooing for 5-10 minutes and the nourishing moringa seed oil will revive sun-damaged hair. It is important to leave hair to dry naturally after a day spent in the sun. To avoid further heat damage, leave the hair dryer alone.