Nicola Sloan Fab Festival Hair Tips 4 While you’re living it up at a festival, you don’t want to be worrying about your hair – trust me. Especially as the key to partying on in style is simple, read this and get a day-by-day rundown on fab festival hair tips for 2017!

Day One: Enjoy your clean hair! In the morning, wash your hair and leave it to dry naturally. For a great, effortless look, spritz some salt spray into your hair and then leave it to dry naturally, or gently blow-dry while scrunching your hair for textured waves a la Kate Moss. If you want to save time in the morning, wash your hair the night before and while it’s still damp loosely plait it. When you wake in the morning, undo the plaits and separate with your fingers. Voila! Simple and stylish.

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Day Two: You may find that your hair starts to get slightly greasy. But there are several easy ways to combat this, even without a shower in sight. A quick spritz of dry shampoo to the roots should fix this problem. Simply spray on the roots and massage-in to freshen your hair and add some extra volume. Accessories-wise, you could wear a floral headband like Pixie Lott. Not only are they a cornerstone in festival fashion but they can also act as a focal point and draw attention away from hair that is starting to look somewhat dishevelled. If you have longer hair, you can keep it under control with the help of plaits. There are several ways to style with plaits, but a loose fishtail always looks effortlessly chic. Nicola Sloan Fab Festival Hair Tips 7

Day Three: This is when your hair is going to be at its worse, condition-wise. The best thing to do with it is get it out of your face. Try a simple ponytail or twist your hair into a bun and secure with Kirby grips. Don’t worry about keeping it neat; the festival vibe is all about keeping it casual and it’s unlikely you’ll have access to many mirrors anyway; plus, you don’t want to be waiting in line to use the ladies when The Killers, Calvin Harris, Kanye West or Drake are on in ten minutes! If your hair is not long enough to put up, or if you want to leave it down, a hat is a handy way of hiding greasy roots while making a style statement and keeping you out of the sun. Talk about a lifesaver! Nicola Sloan Fab Festival Hair Tips 5

Worth mentioning: At the night show, anything can happen at the night show, let loose and partay!

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After the festival, make sure you wash and condition your hair thoroughly – it’ll no doubt deserve it, and rejoice in the feeling of having clean hair once more!

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