Us women (and some men) can be fickle creatures when it comes to our hair. Some change colour and style like the wind; others are happy to keep the same look for years and years until something drastic changes in their lives – be it a relationship breakup, a move to a new place, or starting university.

A handy tip to remember when going from, say, dark to light or vice versa, is that a change in colour can completely alter how your skin looks. This means investing in a whole new makeup bag (oh, what a shame)!

New brunettes can now wear slightly heavier makeup than blondes, as darker tones even the makeup out. It may also help to apply a little bronzer to the places on your face that would naturally catch the sun such as the tops of the cheeks, temples, down the nose, and over the chin. If you’ve got light skin, brunette hair can sometimes wash your face out, and so warming your skin up with a dusting of your favourite bronzer will easily solve this.

Katy Perry was once blonde! Have a look at the differences in makeup, as blonde Katy has a softer, lighter look, along with lighter eyebrows. However black hair Katy can carry off a more dramatic look. She now needs more colour in her face to accommodate her beautiful locks.

Here’s another example of Kylie Jenner’s makeup alterations when changing hair colour. Let’s face it, any hair colour suits her.

What about Red Hair?

Emma Stone warms her cheeks up with some blush, and accentuates her eyes with a contrasting eyeshadow, which simultaneously compliments her hair.

Rihanna started a trend when she went red. Notice her makeup in these photographs

Changing your hair colour is fun, exciting, and unleashes a whole new you. Just remember, when your hair changes, so does your face! Happy shopping!