Face shapeWhat some of us don’t realise is that not every hairstyle suits us, and even if a celebrity has a cut that you want doesn’t mean that you will look as good as they do. Celebrities have stylists that know what hairstyles suit them best, so who is there to tell us. Your hair salon can provide information, but it isn’t as detail as we want or wish. The only option is to learn how to find the perfect look for you, and make as little mistakes as possible.

The variables to consider are the colour, the style, the length, or the cut, which together create an infinite amount of different looks and sometimes it just all seems a little overwhelming.

Let’s start with the colour. We have all been there for a colour melt down, whether you are attempting a new colour for the first time, or trying out a new colour ontop of your previous one. There are so many things that can go wrong.

1. First off it is important to test the dye on your hand first, make sure your skin is not allergic or sensitive to it, otherwise that can have a dangerous outcome, never mind having a bad hair day

2. If you have dyed your hair in the past, the colour you are applying doesn’t always look like it does on the box. If your hair is lighter it will give an even lighter effect, whilst darker hair will give a darker effect. It is best to learn from others and not relive their mistakes like trying to add blonde dye to dark hair with an outcome of orange hair

3. If you have dyed your hair in the past and your roots are quite prominent, you should top the colour up with the original colour first before adding the new colour, or the outcome of your hair could be having two shades

4. Lastly never jump from one end of the colour spectrum to the other in one colour session, gradually make your way to the colour you want after a few sessions, or your hair will not have the outcome you wanted.

Next would be styles, which isn’t such a bad thing to get wrong. For instance, if a style doesn’t work out you can either take it out and try again. But often people try styles they have seen on celebrities, then realise they do not look as great on them as they do on the stars. There can be a number of reasons why some styles do not work, for example thickness of hair, texture of hair, length and damage. Or you could just be having a bad hair-day where nothing is working out. If you really want to give a style a go, then do not leave it until the day you would like to use it, practise and practise as you do you will get better. Or you can splash the cash and have your hair done for you at a salon.

Kelly Osbourne

Length is an important factor to what suits you. It is a hair nightmare when you get that new bob, and you look in the mirror only to realise it is not for you, but what do you do when you are stuck with it until it grows out. A lot of people made this mistake when Victoria Beckham brought out her version of a bob. Everyone loved it and everyone wanted it and some of us got it, but people were horrified to find out that style is made for a very specific face shape which a lot of people were not.

The same rule applies for hair cuts. It’s best you do your research before you jump into a new style because you might get the shock of your life. Find out the best style to suit the shape of your face and neck, the colour of your skin and your previous hair colour which you can find here and here.