When it comes to a fringe, I have spent many years fighting a lost battle: to keep it, or grow it out? When I was younger I always had a fringe, and for years I wanted nothing other than a blunt cut, eye brow skimming fringe.

When I was older however, the side fringe became a popular hairstyle to have. So I spent weeks trying to mould my fringe which had covered up my entire forehead into a lovely side-sweep. I waited and waited, until my fringe eventually grew past my eyebrows, and could be pushed to the side. I finally had a fashionable fringe! The fringe I had sported for years had finally gone, and had advanced to a more hip looking fringe which everyone had!
Vanessa Hudgens

I enjoyed my side fringe for a while, however, I soon got bored of it. I often took a scissors to my own hair cutting my fringe back in (not something I recommend). I missed my chunky, blocky fringe and decided I wanted it back. After all, it’s been a long time since I strayed from my life-long reliable fringe/bangs. How wrong I was! I immediately regretted it, and had to wait for it to grow back out again.

So, if you have had a fringe dilemma like I did,  and are desperate to get rid of it, here are some tips for how to grow out a fringe effectively:

1. Wear a headband – Wearing a headband is effective for growing out a fringe. It’s easier than trying to scrape it up into a ponytail which leaves the shorter hair at the front falling out. A headband or kirby grips are effective in growing out a fringe, then you can restyle it when it has grown significantly
2. Plait it – A French or regular plait are fab ways of disguising an unwanted fringe. Again, it will help keep the fringe off your face whilst putting it into a pretty hairdo

3. Slick it back – Give the trendy wet look style a go. All it needs is a little gel or water to smooth the hair back and down. Spray on a little hairspray and it will hold your fringe out of the way
4. If all else fails, chuck on a hat and be patient
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