slideIt’s prom time, how should I style my hair?
It is an exciting time for all you teenagers leaving high school. All the possible choices for colleges and apprenticeships, so many different paths to take. However even though all these possible routes in life are staring you in the face, there is still one main event to come before you transition and it is both equally exciting and almost here.

Prom, it is an event every girl should experience in life. A chance to get dressed up, and I am talking a brand new dress, shoes, makeup, accessories, and one of the most important features… the hair. People often ask, what style should I have my hair? Shall I have it tied up, let down, have some pinned back, or have it curled? Should I have a bold new colour, and should I add accessories? You have all these questions, and every time you choose a style you like, another one pops up. However some people are stuck with a style that they can’t change much. If you are one of such people who has a style that is bound by other factors, like the length of your hair, here are some new prom hair accessories that might help you.


Remember just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you have little to work with. There are hundreds of new styles that you are missing out on. Don’t forget the accessories? Whether you are a bling princess with all the sparkle and diamantes or a nartural queen with the beads and flowers, there is a hair accessorie for you. The Serina flower comb from Accessorize is currently priced at £15.00. This is great for a pastel coloured dress, and for those going for that natual look. It is a demanding peice and shouldn’t be used with any other hair accessories otherwise you will over power your hairstyle. There’s also the Silver Multi Coin Draped Tikka Head Chain, which is quite a recent fashion trend and a lot of people are using them for both casual and special occasions. This particular head chain is from New Look and cost £5.99. It is the sort of sparkle you need with a bling dress because it is very subtle and will not make the outfit too much.

This is just a peek of the types of accessories you can buy online now, but these are currently the most stylish. These extras can make or break a hairstyle so be wise about the type and quantity of hair clips your choose.

Also don’t be afraid to go bold with a new hairstyle. A lot of people go for the curly laid down style, but up do’s are the new thing and they go fantasticly with the hair accessories I have chosen. Now it is important you feel comfortable to have a good time, but don’t stress yourself trying to find your style. If you stop looking you will find the hairdo for you.

About what to wear, check this video out for some clues…