Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair1Frizzy unmanageable hair is a nightmare, but don’t fret here are some tips on how to tame your unkempt locks. Sleek and glossy hair looks gorgeous and here’s how you can make sure your hair doesn’t have any flyaway.

  1. Make sure you condition your hair thoroughly and keep it on for at least five minutes. A good conditioner for frizzy hair will contain amino silicones or cationic surfactants, which fill the holes in the damaged hair and reduce the chances of static from excessive brushing and styling.
  2. Use John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum this is the most popular product for frizzy hair and it really works. This product works by coating each strand of hair to make sure the hair stays smooth. The John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-day straight spray keeps hair straight and sleek for up to three days and it is applied when the hair is damp or wet after washing.Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair 6
    Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair 3
  3. Only wash your hair a few times a week, as this will lock in the natural moisture and oils in the hair.
  4. Wash the hair with shampoo especially for frizzy hair like L’Oreal Paris Elvive Smooth & Polish perfecting shampoo.Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair 3a
  5. Make sure you use a heat defence spray on your hair before blow drying when it is damp, such as TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray. This will ensure that your hair is not damaged by the heat. Try and let your hair dry naturally as much as possible to avoid damaging the hair.Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair 4
  6. Protect your hair from damaging sun rays when you are on holiday by using shampoos such as CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL Sun Spark Shampoo, especially care for your hair straight after sun bathing.Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair 5
  7. Do not vigorously towel dry your hair, as it messes up the hair cuticles and makes your hair look frizzy.
  8. Use an ionic hair dryer that doesn’t damage the hair like Vidal Sasson VS547 1875 WATT Professional Ionic Dryer. This will compress the hair cuticles, making your locks look smooth and sleek.Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair 7
  9. Treat yourself to a hot oil treatment on your hair, use one with jojoba oil that helps strengthen the hair cuticles or you could use a hair mask.
  10. Use hair products that don’t contain alcohol, as this makes the hair cuticles swell up.
  11. Lacquer the hair with a hair gel that you can rub onto the hair, such as VO5 Extreme Style surfStyle Texturising Paste or use a shine spray to lock in the moisture.Ailsa Macmillian Styling tips for frizzy hair 8