maxresdefaultGrowing your hair takes time right, well sure it does, but with simple care it may happen quicker than you expected. So what is the trick to quick hair growth?

Around six to seven months ago I decided to grow out my cropped shoulder length hair with it’s full fringe. Yes I wanted long hair again. Using simple steps, my way too short fringe has now reached past my chin and my hair is now around fifteen centimetres long (six inches or so) past my shoulders. My hair used to be dead, I had been dying it for over five years, bleached it, going through all the bright colours, before it finally broke off. That’s what led to me cutting my hair short.

In general hair grows about a quarter of an inch a month, so having dead hair definitely slows the process, and I had to take bold steps if I wanted to see changes!

Step one, getting a good hair cut.
2014-2015-Bob-Haircuts-with-Bangs-11This is your starting point. I know you want to grow your hair out but without cutting of those split ends it’s kind of pointless. Split ends split the hair and will travel up. Sometimes it can go up to the root. Yeah one won’t make a difference, but a lot will.

Step two, Is heat really necessary?
Two-strand-twist-Staying away from heat products is an improvement to your hair. If its needed, like I still use a hairdryer if I’m running late, use a heat protection serum or spray. When using straightners do it quickly. Don’t clamp the hair into the straighteners for long periods of time. Just quickly go over your hair like you would when brushing it. Hair rollers or curlers are better than heat. They make the curls stay in for longer.

Step three, Use a better brush.
KAY_3194-editedNow I use a tangle teaser and a big toothed comb. My hair used to be like a birds nest, constantly matted. But with knots I used a wide toothed comb. Worked from the bottom up. This helps removes the bigger knots then I go over it with a tangle teaser to assist the small knots. Always brush your hair after a bath or shower.

Step four, Serum is everything.
Make-a-Hair-Serum-and-Moisturizer-Step-5After a shower or bath, I comb through my hair then use a couple of drops of John Frieda’s serum to replenish my hair. Then let it dry naturally or some heat protection serum from VO5 for using the hairdryer. John Frieda’s full repair elixir works wonders on my hair. I have seen so many improvements.

Other tips;
●  I still dye my hair. When I do, I make sure to wait till it needs to be done not every two weeks. Then also using conditioning treatment for about an hour before washing it out.
●  Don’t sleep with your hair up. Be gentle when putting your hair up and taking it down also.
●  Keratin! You need it! Find Shampoo’s and conditioners full out it!
●  Use dry shampoo to replenish hair in between washes.
●  Make sure you use conditioner, conditioner is the best for your hair.