kylie1Turquoise hair colour was one of the hottest summer hair trends this year. Such a hue was previously only associated with my little ponies; however, this vibrant hair colour can look incredible if done right and is currently bang on trend. So far, the pastel colours, in particular pink shades earlier this year, have ruled in unconventional hair colour rebellion, but now it’s time for an even bolder colour rival!

Front runner and main inspiration of this hair trend is Kylie Jenner. She oozes cool with this hair colour which accentuates and brings out her dark features perfectly. However, it isn’t just tanned ladies who can give this a go, as Hair works relatively well with most hair colours, lengths and skin tones (learn more here).

This is even a trend which you can consider doing as a dip- dye effect if you don’t want to do an all-over in your face colour. Dip- dyeing with turquoise is a welcome alternative to last year’s golden Ombré and this year’s done with Bronde. A turquoise tip dye is still a loud statement without having to be an all- over colour and still commands attention.


If you are considering taking the plunge with this shade, there are a few things you need to know first!

  1. The bolder the better. With the Turquoise trend, the brighter, the better. There is little point going for this trend if you’re going to only dabble in it. Take the plunge!
  2. Be prepared to top it up. This colour requires a lot of up keep, sorry! It does mean refreshing your colour every few weeks as the colour fades fast, and half washed out turquoise looks good on no one.
  3. Reach for the bleach. Be prepared to bleach your hair at least once in order to get this vibrant shade. Especially if your hair is on the darker side, it may require two rounds of bleach to ensure that none of your natural colour interferes with the outcome of the dye.
  4. Be confident! Lastly, if you’re going to go Turquoise, then a bit of confidence is a must. It’s an awesome colour not everyone has the confidence to go for so it will make you stand out against the crowd so embrace it. It’s not every day such a vibrant colour has its hair trend day, so make the most of it while it lasts.