So, many of us fine haired females long for big bouncy hair, that voluminous crown of glory…anything that isn’t flat, basically. Because there is nothing more unglamorous than having your locks hanging like curtains with your ears poking through. However, to try and achieve this look can be costly, and some of us just can’t budget the price. But fear not, as there is a cheap answer to solve all of your big hair needs.

I was inspired to find a certain volumising piece after seeing a soap opera actress with a look I wanted to try. I thought it involved a lot of blow drying with a big brush and hairspray, but I was missing a vital item. The answer? Volumising inserts!

Okay, call me naïve, but I’d never seen this before and was very excited to try it. Even better? It only cost me £1! The pack I chose is by Allura and contains 5 inserts in 3 different sizes. They also come in different shades, so you’ll easily find one to match your hair colour. I reckoned that this was an absolute bargain and was not going to miss out.


HMH Volume article 003Whilst fiddling around with the contents in the box I saw quite a strict instruction list, which kind of intimidated me at the time as I thought this was going to be simple. But when was looking fabulous ever easy? I had to take a section of clean and styled hair, parted from the crown so there was a hefty wodge of hair to cover the insert and make some dramatic volume. I soon realised that because I have fine hair, and not a lot of it, I was going to have an up’do.

To give myself a quick idea of what these pieces would look like, I whizzed my hair into a bouffant like style (but less 60’s) and grabbed the Wella hairspray to secure it all down (and so the insert wasn’t exposed).

HMH Volume article 002Really this piece is suitable more for ladies with long hair otherwise there won’t be enough length to cover the insert. And although it is amazing as giving height to fine flat hair, if you do happen to have thicker hair, these inserts are going to look even more incredible. Remember to style your hair fully for the best impression (blow dry with a round brush for volume, straighten for smooth ends, separate the crown parting ready for the insert and then spray down with a firm hold hairspray). It also might be an idea to use a couple of these inserts at a time, so you create even more drama.

So, there you have it, ladies! A fabulous 5 star look for a £1! This means more money to spend on a dazzling outfit to match your spectacular new ‘do. Bargain beauty at its best.