Which Parting Is Right for MeYou may have never thought about it but your hair parting can help or hurt your looks. It is such a subtle thing but a professional stylist sees such errors a mile away, and people around see it too, although 9 out of 10 can’t quite identify what they feel is wrong. Good news, we have done the research and solved the mystery.

The Centre Parting
This look is on-trend and current in the fashion industry – you only have to look at the catwalks to see perfectly parted hair at the likes of House of Holland and Alexander Wang.House of Holland SS13 - centre parting (www.a-styl.se) If you have a rounder shaped face, the middle parting is the way to go for you; with hair that falls below the chin, a centre parting will elongate your face by framing it at the sides. Luckily, this parting suits most hair lengths; long hair worn on a centre parting oozes A-list glamour, whereas with shorter styles it looks classic and chic – particularly on a ‘long bob’.

The Side Parting
If you haven’t been blessed with symmetrical, proportioned features, a slightly off-centre parting can be a more flattering alternative.Heidi Klum Unveils The Perfect One Bra The asymmetry works well with angular face shapes, and for those with coloured hair, it will draw attention away from any emerging roots before you can book your next salon appointment! For a different twist to this parting, incorporate a side swept fringe into your style – they can change your look without committing to shorter hair and grow out easily if you change your mind.

The Dramatic Side Sweep
Another look taken from the runway, (with DKNY channelling the deep side part at their SS13 shows) make a statement with a dramatic side parting.Frankie Sanford - side sweep (laqtres.blogspot.co.uk) Choose your preferred side, then part your hair so it falls in line with the outer corner of your eye, then blowdry and style accordingly so your hair sits that way – and doesn’t constantly fall into your eyes. This look works particularly well with shorter lengths, especially asymmetric cuts as seen on the likes of The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford.

The Messy Parting
For a non-conventional parting, introduce a touch of ‘bedhead chic’ into your life with a messy parting. For a subtle look as seen at Isabel Marant, part it imperfectly to the side so it isn’t as neat or as straight as a regular parting. Alternatively, part it at a diagonal angle on the head for an interesting twist to your style, using a slight zig zag technique like at Balmain.Isabel Marant - messy parting (mydailyedition.com) Wear this parting with tousled or slightly backcombed hair for the perfect festival style, or straight for a casual everyday look.

No Parting
For a non-parted look you have two options: sweep the hair forward, or sweep it back. Sweeping it forward works exceptionally well with fringes or short hair layered around the front of the face; for this style, brush forward from the middle to the crown of the head, letting it fall naturally around the face – take inspiration from Alexa Chung for this look.
Alexa Chung - no parting(danirayxoxo.blogspot.co.uk) For the latter, blowdry the hair back over your head using a mousse or styling product of your choice.
Cara Delevigne - no parting (fashionbenedict.blogspot.co.uk)
Shorter hair will stay like this with sufficient product, but with longer hair, use hair grips to position sections of the hair in place.